Brawl Hacks: Metal Sonic



Metal Sonic Joins the Brawl, or Project M.

Modern Metal Sonic is a complete character mod over Wolf. (Also can be used for BrawlEx.) My model shown here is a custom of Sonic Generations Metal Sonic with a mix of Sonic Adventure 2 Metal Sonic and parts from the awful Winter Olympics design (Sonic 4 Model) with slight vertex edits. Basically my vision of what the real Metal Sonic should’ve look like for the modern era, or at least stayed (*cough* SA2’s accurate design of Metal Sonic). The model blends well with Brawl’s graphics, and should also fit in well with Smash 3’s style. Every move from Wolf has been replaced and changed into new + additional moves with custom voice and sfx. Enjoy.


Download at Brawl Vault

Download at Modulous (Mirror)

Download Project M ver at Modulous (Mirror)



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