Other Mods

Mario Kart Wii Mods:

NOTE: MKWii Mods can be loaded via Riivolution or CTGP (disc required) or by modding your iso.

Kirby (over Baby Peach)

My first hack of Mario Kart Wii, In no relation to Kirby Air Ride 2.

Youtube Demonstration

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Sonic and Metal Sonic (over Luigi and Birdo)

Sonic and Metal Sonic in Mario Kart Wii over Luigi and Birdo, completely. Sonic also get’s his Speed star from Sega All Stars Racing.

Youtube Demonstration

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Download preset bsrar (Sonic voice over Luigi)




Sonic Adventure 2 Mods:

NOTE: Use SA2 Mod Loader to load mods for the Steam version of Sonic Adventure 2.


Metal Sonic (over Sonic and Shadow) v0.1 Beta


My first mod for Sonic Adventure 2 (PC), Metal Sonic over either Sonic or Shadow (or both). I didn’t like how multiplayer Metal Sonic animates and controls like thin ice with broken jump height. Has upgrades and also replaces Super Sonic/Shadow into Super Metal Sonic.


Known Issues:

  • Quills/Spines still has Sonic/Shadow’s physics.
  • For Ugprades, Only Fire Bracelet has proper textures.
  • Cutscenes have default Sonic/Shadow talking heads and gloves.
  • Metal Sonic Running animation nor Black Shield not added yet.


Youtube Demonstration

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Knuckles (over Sonic)

A model swap for those who dislike treasure hunting. Knuckles has learned some new tricks up his knuckles.

Youtube Demonstration

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